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Vodice Beach with the Biokovo
Vodice Beach with the Biokovo
Drasnice is one of the pearls of the Makarska Riviera stretching along the foot of the Biokovo Range on the Adriatic coast. The current view of the settlement was mainly shaped following the earthquake of 1962, the years when families gave up their homes above what is now the Magistrala road and built up large homes with apartments for guests next to the coast.

Drašnice has a plenty of accommodation in apartments, but there are no large hotels, resorts or campsites in the village. Shopping can be done at the Konzum Grocery Store in the center, vacationers find a bakery, post office, tourist information point and several restaurants and bars here. (These are displayed on our map of the place.)

Soline beach with the riva
Soline beach with the riva
Bathing and swimming is possible almost anywhere along the coast, but in the harbor. Beaches are gravel and pebble. Below the houses one can find the Rat, Vodice, Soline, Izbitac and Tila Lučica beaches, out of the village towards NW are the Vrujsko and Lađice beaches in Klokun Bay, while Komejača and Potpoje beaches are situated to SE from Drašnice. The location of the beaches is shown on our map. Beaches within the village are furnished with sweet water showers.

To go ahead with the introduction of place, please also visit our pages with photos and short videos taken in Drašnice, as well as the map showing relevant points and web directory with Drašnice-related websites.

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Is it possible to rent a moto or bikes in Drasnice? Thanks for your answer!

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